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Testimonials for Alley Cat Pet Center in Vancouver, WA

"Alley Cat is my go to store for most, if not all, of my pet needs. I have been going there for 8 years and have never been treated rudely by any of the employees. The Owner has even made several special orders for me on hard to get arachnids and other inverts. They have some of the best prices on feeder crickets and roaches in Vancouver, as well as various reptile and arachnid supplies." -- Garreth W.
"They are the best. The red haired gal and the younger gentleman are so nice and helpful." -- Jennifer M.
"I love the way they clip my budgie's wings, not too much, but just right and they don't charge a cent!!!! I looked at all the other pets in the store and they were all super active! I don't know why people are saying they look sickly." -- Julie Z.
"Love Alley Cat Pet Store. We were in the mall and not at all looking to buy an animal. We saw our little Jax aka Jack Russell Terrier puppy. I was done. We bought him right away. The staff was wonderful. They are all kind and very informative. The owner will go out of his way for you as well. We are currently looking for a playmate (another puppy) for Jax, who is now a year. Alley Cat has me on a call list for a few breeds that we are interested in. I highly recommend Alley Cat Pet Store for any of your pet supply needs or a wonderful little critter/pet." -- Suzanne H.
"I would give 5 stars because they have the best best crickets in town for my bearded dragon however I was sad to see the apbt puppies for $500. As a decades long owner of apbts I was concerned about these babies and if I had $1500 to blow I would have taken all 3 home. Please be careful on who you sell these sweet ones to." -- Jesseca K.
"I have purchased fish from Alley Cat on several occasions and have been very please. They offer an affordable price and great service." -- Great Place By
"Alley Cat is an awesome pet & pet supply store! The big chain stores don't have a huge price advantage over this privately owned business & the locally raised, carefully selected selection of livestock is what sets them apart from the other stores!" -- Nate Z.
"My husband just happened to be getting a smoothie when he turned around and saw our dog Jasper (am staff/english bulldog) staring back at him from across the way. He brought me to the mall from thirty minutes away and i held him for the first time and was instantly hooked. We bought him right there and then and got a great deal on a puppy starter kit that included puppy food, kennel, toys, hair brush and shampoo. And he was completely healthy when we went for our first vet visit. He is now 11 months old and has been a spoiled brat in our family ever since. We had a great first experience with the staff and would purchase our future fur babies with them again." -- Neza C.
"I've had some good experiences, and some which were less than favorable. They have a decent selection, are slightly over priced (fuzzy is 2.70, when down the street it is 1.00 [may be due to sourcing and quality so... grain of salt]), but very convinient and some of the employees are very informative and helpful. The gentleman that I worked with today, was able to help me quickly and was very attentive even though there was a crowd of people meandering in the tiny store." -- Ryan E.
"I've purchased 2 dogs from was great, the other had some issues very early on, but the store did help. I recently got some saltwater fish from them. Larry the owner is a sweet man, and the employees are great." -- A Google User