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8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr Ste 164, Vancouver, WA 98662
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About Alley Cat Pet Center in Vancouver, WA

Alley Cat Pet Center Store Front - pet store in Vancouver, WA
Since its opening in 1978, Alley Cat Pet Center has been continuously and conveniently located inside Vancouver Mall in Vancouver, Washington. Owned and operated since 1983, Larry Z. has built an outstanding reputation by providing quality companion pets to our customers and standing behind them in every way possible. Known as being the ‘Biggest Little Pet Store', Alley Cat Pet Center has a large variety of everything! Not only will you find the best selection of small animals, birds, reptiles, both fresh & salt water fish, and locally bred and raised puppies and kittens, you'll also find everything you would need to care for your new pet from food to cages.
Our shop is more than just a place to go buy products and new pets, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are also here to answer any questions and will help you find exactly what it is your pet needs. For pet owners, there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of your pet. So when it comes to finding a quality pet shop, it's important to know that you will receive the best service and a team that care for your pets.
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